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About Ingubo Children's haven

In 2009 Amy Wolthuis, at that time Stenden University student, started Ingubo. Stenden University gave her a tour in the townships and she was impressed by what she saw: many children on the streets and on the dumpsite that she felt like she had to do something. Together with the knowledge and financial power of Stenden University she started Ingubo Children’s Haven. After Amy finished her studies at Stenden University the project was given to the community to keep Ingubo alive.


The name Ingubo is an Isixhosa word for keeping children warm.


In 2009 Ingubo started as a haven for less fortunate children of Port Alfred. The children living on the streets and dumpsite are welcome to spend their days at Ingubo. Ingubo also arranges possibilities for the children to be registered at a school. Ingubo helps the children with their homework and gives them a nice lunch. At Ingubo children also learn how to play with each other, tell their stories and have faith.  Ingubo improves child safety, assist children to achieve academic results and give them the ability to hope and dream bigger.


For now, Ingubo is operating based on the support of Stenden University. However, the mamas are working very hard and trying their best to cooperate with other organisations. With success! Since May 2017 the National Lotteries Commission signed an agreement to sponsor Ingubo.


Besides providing a safe place for children where they can learn and play Ingubo also learns them about entrepreneurship. At the children’s haven, there are gardens where vegetables grow. These vegetables are sold to generate more income besides the sponsorships.


Currently (May 2017) Ingubo looks after around 30 children. Every day they are welcome to come to Ingubo and the two mamas will take care of them. In the future, Ingubo hopes to be able to help more children and employ more mamas.

Sponsors of Ingubo:



NPO 125-985

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